Dental hygiene – for clean teeth

A clean tooth is a healthy tooth!

In addition to regular dental care at home, professional cleaning at the practice is essential to maintain healthy gums and teeth. For us, this is particularly important. Our dental prophylaxis assistant takes all the time necessary to clean your teeth thoroughly and meticulously, and give you tips to take home.
If cleaning the teeth is no longer sufficient, a systematic periodontal treatment is recommended.

Dental hygiene is a fundamental requirement all through life.

Beginning at a young age, the best possible precautions should be taken to develop the basis for a life without decay and periodontal disease.
This provision allows dental treatment during adult life to be reduced to a minimum.
At our “toothbrush-training school”, children are clearly shown their strengths and weaknesses when brushing their teeth.
Thereafter cleaning techniques are practised and children are encouraged and motivated in their daily dental care routine.

Make an appointment today for your child to ensure optimal dental hygiene.