Modern implantology facilitates fixed tooth replacement by the use of implants. A dental implant is an “artificial root”. The artificial root is inserted (implanted) directly into the jawbone in place of the original root. After the healing period, an artificial crown can be fitted to the implant. In this way, a new tooth is created.
Situations where implants are used:

  • Single tooth spaces
  • Tooth loss at the end of the row of teeth
  • A larger gap in the middle of the row of teeth
  • Partial dentition (several tooth spaces)
  • Edentulous arch (no teeth)


  • Neighbouring teeth remain unaffected (if a bridge is present, it can be modified)
  • Replacement teeth can be of a more natural, slimmer design (e.g. without the need to cover the palate)
  • Improved denture grip
  • Improved chewing force, aesthetics, phonetics (speech)

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